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Emerging Passages

November 27, 2021 / January 8, 2022

Open Tuesday - Saturday from 11 AM - 7 PM.

Over the Influence is pleased to present Swedish-born Los Angeles-based artist Camilla Engstrom’s debut exhibition in Hong Kong. In Emerging Passages, Engstrom invites viewers to join her in a meditation on rediscovering one’s sense of self throughout this universally transformative time. The exhibition is on view from 27 November 2021 to 8 January 2022.
As time turns, and society leaves pre-pandemic life farther and farther behind us, we also move away from who we once were. As the world we previously inhabited was demolished bit by bit, a new reality is emerging from the remains. Instead of mourning what was, Engstrom is in the process of exploring what now is.

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