Over The Influence gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Enki Bilal in Hong Kong, Post Wars – Paintings and Drawings. The show will feature original works on canvas and paper, alongside hand-woven tapestry and lithographs by the internationally celebrated French artist, comic book author and film director. Coinciding with Hong Kong’s art month, the exhibition runs from 17 March – 22 April 2017.

The artistic oeuvre of Bilal is closely linked to his personal experiences, Bilal’s work speaks of mystery and suspence, creating a utopic world inhabited by human-cyborg like figures that portray myseteriuos scenes that are as mystifying as they are familiar. Disturbing at first sight, the fragmented realities of his compositions offer an underlying notion of peace, comfort and freedom, recurrent themes that the artist explores throughout the show.

Post Wars – Paintings and Drawings features a series of works in which the main subjects are a man and a woman, winged or animalistic, often depicted as intertwined figures that carry the war-laden burden of the other, be it physically or emotionally. The iconography blurs the boundary between reality and imagination, human and animal, past and present, body and mind. Devoid of contextulisation and any references to a recognisable time and space, Bilal’s works are nuanced interpretations of humanity’s destiny and draw references to understanding human condition in a para-humane setting.

Bilal’s works explore his perspective as a dual citizen, of Yugoslavia and his adopted home of France, a theme that is increasingly relevant in the contemporary globalised climate. The exhition presented at Over The Influence is testament to the rising importance of comic in the contemporary art landscape, breaking down traditional categorisations of “low” and ‘high-art” in the art historical canon.

Over The Influence would like to thank Mr Eric Leroy and Ms Saveria de Valence from Artcurial Paris for helping with organisation of Enki Bilal’s exhibition in Hong Kong.

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Vernissage on March 16th 2017
From 6 to 8pm
March 17 - April 22 2017
Opening hours : Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm


1/F, 159-163 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong


Featured artworks

Placoderm Menu by ENKI BILAL