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The Garden of Eden

October 2, 2021 / November 7, 2021

Open Tuesday - Sunday from 11 AM - 6 PM.

Over the Influence is excited to present South Korean artist Hyangmok Baik’s debut show The Garden of Eden with the Los Angeles gallery. The new series of artworks feature imagined scenes painted by the artist, set within this Terrestrial Paradise. The exhibition is on view from 2 October to 7 November 2021.

Often, The Garden of Eden is a utopia and the hometown for the first generation of the human raceThe world is suffering from the pandemic. People are hurting each other because of their skin color. Pure hate and violence are prevalent because of different backgrounds and value standards. Hyangmok’s version of Paradise is one where viewers can escape to a more pastoral and peaceful time- Essentially a utopia of their own personal manifestation within the framework and inspiration of their own minds.

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