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Camilla Engström "Returning Home"

July 11, 2020 / August 9, 2020

Open by appointment only.

Over the Influence is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Swedish-born Los Angeles-based artist Camilla Engström with the gallery. In Returning Home, Engstrom, a self-taught painter, explores the nurturing properties of nature. The exhibition will be on view from 11 July – 09 August at Over the Influence, Los Angeles alongside a concurrent solo exhibition LOADED by Brooklyn-based artist Josh Reames.

During her time in Los Angeles, Engström has often turned to nature for consolation. Being away from her native country presents challenges that manifest themselves cleverly through her work. In her new series of paintings of landscapes and Mother Earth-like figures, Engström finds the comforting, maternal energy in both internal and external landscapes. Painted during the pandemic, and the current Black Lives Matter protests, the artist found herself being drawn to the imagery of erupting volcanoes as a metaphor for inner turmoil. Coupled with images of serene rolling hills being watered with mother’s milk, and a contented nude female on a green hillside, the series illustrates a story of the natural balance of life and the journey towards inner peace.


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