February 16, 2019 / March 31, 2019

Opening Reception:
February 14, 2019, from 11AM - 6PM

This exhibition takes as its point of departure a condition so ubiquitous as to usually pass without comment. The messy, overwhelming, terrifying, frustrating, exhausting and joyful experience of being a father is evoked by artworks in diverse media by a group of male artists most of whom – though not all – are parents.

This is not an exhibition about patriarchy, but perhaps its opposite: an exploration of the sensations of failure, fear, inadequacy, care, and devotion that commonly accompany fatherhood.

The artist featured in “Fatherhood” are Dan Basen, Peter Linde Busk, Scott Campbell, Philip Diggle, Günther Förg, Rashid Johnson, Michael Kagan, Mike Lee, Joel Mesler, Ryan Mosley, Erik Parker, Reko Rennie, Kenny Scharf, Aaron Spangler, and Michael Williams.