Art Fair Tokyo

10-13 March 2022


Rosson Crow (b. 1982, Dallas, Texas, USA)

Los Angeles-based artist Rosson Crow densely layers her surfaces with acrylic, spray paint, xeroxed photo-transfers, oil, and enamel juxtaposing images and icons from various eras. Her subjects are often presented as discarded artifacts strewn through densely populated interiors or acid-washed landscapes, exploring an interest in how historic events are viewed differently over time.

Gongkan (b. 1989, Bangkok, Thailand)

Kantapon Metheekul, known professionally as Gongkan, graduated from the School of Arts at Silpakorn University in Bangkok, and had a successful career in advertising and graphic design afterwards. He moved to New York City for 3 years to study Fine Arts with a focus on painting. During his spare time, he created street art throughout the city and became familiar with the local community. He developed an artistic concept that he called Teleport Art, and it gained notoriety in the NYC street art scene for its images of people emerging and disappearing from black portals like they were traveling through multiple dimensions.

Stefan Meier (b. Oak Park, Illinois, USA)

Stefan Meier moved to Los Angeles in 2015 after studying fashion studies and graphic design at Columbia college in Chicago. His background in fashion and design is clear throughout his self-taught fine art practices. Meier’s first opportunity in LA was designing graphics and textiles for Bernhard Wilhelm, with whom he has since done 8 collections with. He has collaborated with creatives such as David Lachapelle, Darren Romanelli, and K.B. Lee on various creative endeavors.

Azuki Furuya (b. 1993, Sapporo, Japan)

Azuki Furuya graduated with an MFA from Brooklyn College in 2019, where she studied with Derrick Adams. Previously, Furuya had received art degrees from the Tama Art University in Tokyo, and the University of the Arts in London. Born in Sapporo, Japan, she lives and works in Tokyo and New York. Furuya’s ingenious works on paper explore the fragility of memory, with the material process itself as a form of storytelling.

Dani Tull (b. 1966, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Dani Tull is a versatile artist who has been exhibiting his paintings and sculptures since the early 1990s. While the style and content of the work has morphed throughout the years, no matter the backstory or motivation, the pieces are always thought provoking, visually engaging, impeccably crafted and never simply eye candy. In the past, Tull has drawn from pop-culture in addition to embedding personal references in the work. His recent paintings follow suit. In this current series he begins with a base layer of language—in the form of hand written words and poetry—only to obscure this text-infused underpainting in favor of abstraction. The texts are never revealed, yet they are the impetus for the paintings.

Michael Dotson (b. 1982, Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Michael Dotson lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He received his MFA from the American University in Washington, D.C. and his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Dotson has had notable international exhibitions which include solo exhibitions with Ziehar Smith & Horton, New York, Salon Zurcher, Paris, as well as group shows with Brand New Gallery, Milan, and Dio Horia, Athens and Mykonos. Other recently exhibitions include group presentations with Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, The Hole, New York, Kristin Lorello, New York, and Graham Gallery, New York. Dotson was recently featured in The Huffington Post, FRIEZE Magazine, as well as Dwell Magazine and New American Paintings.


Tokyo International Forum,
Hall E & Lobby Gallery
Marunouchi 3-5-1,
Tokyo 100-0005, Japan