Ana Benaroya

Ana Benaroya Biography

B. New York, New York, USA – Lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Ana Benaroya is an artist born in New York City, raised in suburban New Jersey. Growing up, Benaroya was influenced by comic books, images of athletes and body builders, Greek sculpture, Michelangelo, and Saturday morning cartoons. This blend of pop and fine art influence was the formation of her point of view as an artist and continues to be a central aspect of her practice. Now, Benaroya uses the language of comics, caricature, and pop culture to explore and expand her understanding of the physical and emotional limits of her own body. Each body she depicts is an extension of her own – and each image allows her to feel more powerful. She would like to envision a world in which women’s bodies rival the physical power of men. As a queer woman, she also explores the invisibility of lesbian desire. Benaroya figures are hyper-powerful, hyper-emotional, hyper-sexual, and also a little funny. She believes in the subversive power of humor and uses it as a compliment to the darker more sinister undertones of her paintings.

Born in New York, New York, USA, Benaroya is currently a student in the prestigious graduate program at the Yale School of Art. She has had solo exhibitions at Ross + Kramer Gallery, Long Island, NY, USA; Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY, USA; Rabbithole Projects, Brooklyn, NY, USA; FISK Gallery, Portland, OR, USA; and NOOWORKS, San Francisco, CA, USA; along with numerous group exhibitions across the country.