Jack Kabangu

Jack Kabangu Biography

B. 1996, Zambia – Lives and works in Copenhagen

Jack Kabangu was born in 1996 in Zambia with roots in DR Congo and have lived in Denmark since 2005. He is based in Copenhagen, where he live and work in his studio.

Jack is a self-taught visual artist. Expressing himself artistically has always been his special language. His artistic universe contains cultural roots. The African roots merges with the Danish in a very special expressions that goes beyond the verbal.
Characteristic for his paintings is the gloomy figures and mix of colors. The starting point for him is to find a connection between the dark and the light, the ugly and the beauty.

In his artistic work, Jack places great emphasis on seeing the artistic context that for him moves beyond just the work of art itself. For Jack, the artwork is completed once it has found its final surroundings.