Little Thunder

Little Thunder Biography

B. 1984, Hong Kong. Lives and Works in Hong Kong

Cheng Sum-ling also known as Little Thunder, a self-taught artist born and raised in Hong Kong. Heavily influenced by her father, who is an ink painter, she cultivated her enthusiasm in painting since childhood.

At the age of 8, she began drawing manga, and at that time, her sister was the only reader. She fully committed into the world of manga and illustration in 2001, with works were serialised in a variety of magazines and she was awarded the Best New Artist at the China Japan Comics Exchange in the same year.

In 2006, she published her first manga and art book and began drawing the trilogy KYLOOE in the following year. The trilogy was completed and published in 2012, it has been translated into Chinese, French and Italian. KYLOOE 1 – Downhearted Dragonfly received the Bronze Award in the 4th International Manga Award.

Her debut solo exhibition CONFESSION was held in Hong Kong in 2012 and she started exploring different forms of presentation in arts.