Mario Joyce

Mario Joyce Biography

B. 1985, Ohio, OH, USA – Lives and works in New York City

Mario Joyce Belyusar is a self-taught African American artist based in New York City. His artistic  process began early and was heavily influenced by prejudices experienced growing up Black and Queer  in rural Ohio. He began using both genealogical research and paint to further explore and share the  social history of discrimination. After a moving to New York City, he is furthering his studies in  the African diaspora and how American History is steeped in selective storytelling that neglects to  share the experiences of marginalized communities. His work is characterized by vintage collage  materials, vibrant colors, strong line and heavy texture. Mario has exhibited his work in many  group exhibitions in New York City including Art Crawl Harlem’s Fire & Soul: 100 Years of Harlem  and Bellevue College in Seattle, Washington. He has recently completed La Brea Studio Artists  Residency in Los Angeles, with a show at The Cabin to follow this fall and ArtCrawl Harlem’s  Boundaries & Connections Artist Residency on Governor’s Island this year. His work is privately owned by many collectors throughout the
United States and abroad.