January 16, 2021 / February 13, 2021


Cleon Peterson

833 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles CA 90013

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 6

Over the Influence is pleased to present Cleon Peterson “Truth & Lies”.

“This body of work features 11 original paintings chronicling my thoughts on America’s political and social discord leading up to the 2020 elections. Some of the paintings have never been seen before now. Some I made into prints, which I released during what will inevitably be regarded as one of the deepest periods of crisis in our country’s history.
Throughout this time, many of us grappled with an internal character-defining fight, which led us to question our roles as individuals within society. In response to the work’s initial presentation, I regularly received threats in emails and direct messages. Some of the threats were serious enough to report to the FBI. In the end, I realized that as an artist, I have a personal duty to speak directly about what I see as right and wrong and always to express my truth.” — Cleon Peterson


Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson’s chaotic and violent paintings show clashing figures symbolizing a struggle between power and submission in the fluctuating architecture of contemporary society.