December 9, 2022 / January 15, 2023

Good Luck

Erik Parker

833 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles CA 90013
Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 6

Featured Art

Over the Influence is thrilled to present Good Luck, a solo presentation of new works by Brooklyn-based artist Erik Parker.

This marks the artist’s return to Los Angeles after nearly a decade and the second showing with the gallery.

Good Luck encapsulates the breadth of Parker’s artist practice, showcasing planks, tondos, landscapes, and the pyramidal paintings he is celebrated for. Totems remain the earliest known work of ritual art; artisans created tondi since Greek Antiquity and become popular as round “tondo” paintings during the 15th century; pyramids are architectural marvels of impressive astronomical and geometrical expertise. Variously sacred, spiritual, and didactic, each is universally recognized and rich with symbolism. Parker utilizes this familiar form to continue the dialogue with painting and found images inspired by American subculture to rethink our current political, social, and economic landscapes.


Erik Parker

B. 1968, Stuttgart, DE. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Like a visual freestyle, Parker’s work seamlessly combines elements of contemporary culture into a narrative flow of politics, music, internet memes, hallucinatory dreams, conspiracy theories, and the hieroglyphics of various subcultures. Rebellious and youthful and packed with reference material, his works exploit today’s familiar feeling of ocular bombardment through a cacophony of visual sources including advertising and social media. In his employment of overwhelming content, Parker is able to poignantly comment on the human condition — what it means to be human specifically in this time, in this place, and with these politics.