August 20, 2020 / September 26, 2020

Gosha Levochkin “(synthetic reality)”

Gosha Levochkin

G/F & 1/F, 159 Hollywood Road
Central Hong Kong
Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

Over the Influence is pleased to present (synthetic reality), the first exhibition of Russian-American artist Gosha Levochkin in Hong Kong

Best known for his larger scale acrylic works in the tradition of ligne claire,the show will present a new body of work by Levochkin inspired by his childhood memory with cars. The exhibition will open from 20 August to 26 September 2020 at the Lower Gallery of Over the Influence.

The difference between folklore and reality is only a manner of storytelling.

Today’s world is different from before. Information is dispersed and digested in a multitude of ways, and what once was discerned by knowledge and experience is now told to us as a story. A story that for some is very real – a story that can easily be turned into reality with only the right intention.

In Gosha Levochkin’s new paintings, the story reigns king. The top and bottom of compositions are interchangeable, gravity seems to work in all directions, and the point of view from which the viewer experiences the story determines its outcome. Inspired by his youthful obsession with cars, Levochkin tells the story of childhood playtime. Growing up in Russia, kids would play inside abandoned cars and nothing seemed more exciting than a brand-new automobile. Levochkin’s new works uses the car as an anchor to reality while simultaneously disorienting the point of view of the narrative. Is the car crushing the girl, or is she dancing triumphantly on its undercarriage? What is story and what is truth?

Levochkin is a Russian-American painter; as a child, he moved from Russia to California learning very early on the importance of adaptation as a cultural survival skill. The embodiment of this skill has been a coherent and prevalent theme throughout his work. His signature characters both create and solve problems within the spatial environment of the canvas. His work represents the harmonious interactions of subjects, who naturally dismissing the bounds of cultural hegemony, are able to overcome and adapt to complicated situations.