October 21, 2022 / November 13, 2022


Adam Beris

81 Tri Mit Road
Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok,Thailand
Wednesday – Sunday, 11AM – 8PM

Over the Influence is excited to announce Adam Beris’ Asia debut at the Bangkok gallery space.

Aptly titled Grids, the show is a presentation of his oeuvre and provides an intimate introduction into his unique aesthetic and visual vocabulary.

What began as a happy accident back in Kansas City when a friend gave him a box of old paints has become, over the last few years, Beris’ signature, highly recognizable style. Organized in exacting rows across the canvas, Beris renders familiar glyphs, objects, symbols, and faces, in an entirely unexpected way. Applying pigment straight from the tube onto the canvas, he creates tangible objects, sculptural in nature, that challenge our understanding of the production and presentation of painting.


Adam Beris

Adam Beris (B. 1987) has created his own unique hieroglyphic language of distilled imagery often constructed with paint straight from the tube. Routinely aligned in a grid-like fashion, his compositions of objects and heads in profile conversely embody both a strictly scientific study and a loose informal rendering. Beheaded profiles float across a gradient orange canvas next to a cactus, some glasses, and a hashtag; how each item relates to the next is left up to interpretation. Because of this, even in abstract blobs of paint, the viewer learns to see characters and still-lifes, and even his looser compositions hold symbolism in their layered paint globules.