July 9 2022 / August 20, 2022

Mushrooms in Paris

Darren Romanelli & Murmaid

2 Rue Des Saussaies
Paris 75008
Open: Tuesday– Saturday, 11AM – 7PM

Featured Art

Over the Influence is excited to announce the unveiling of a new Parisian gallery with a revolutionary exhibition titled Mushrooms in Paris created by the dynamic pairing of Darren Romanelli and Murmaid.

The exhibition is a subversive “hijacking” of the art space during the summer months that invites viewers to experience creative expression in its most surreal and psychedelic forms. The exhibition is a takeover of Over the Influence Paris gallery space— an engaging journey down the rabbit hole that is only the beginning for the brand new French location.


Darren Romanelli

Darren Romanelli is a Los Angeles-based creative multi-hyphenate. Over the last twenty years, Romanelli has been instrumental in bridging the gap between art, culture, and commerce in ways that have revolutionized how artists and brands collaborate to create moments that inspire on a global scale.


Murmaid is a Paris-based artist and designer whose work focuses on up-cycling and channeling sustainable practices in fashion.
After growing up between Brazil and the United States, Murmaid moved to Paris where she attended Parsons The New School of Design and developed her unique artistic universe. While in Paris, passionate about ethical fashion and sustainability, she started deconstructing vintage clothes and giving them another life.