My Patron's Homes - Andy Dixon

October 15 2022 / November 22, 2022

My Patrons’ Homes

Andy Dixon

2 Rue Des Saussaies
Paris 75008
Open: Tuesday– Saturday, 11AM – 7PM

Featured Art

Over the Influence, Paris is thrilled to present Andy Dixon, PATRON’S HOMES.

This new series of paintings is a culmination of Dixon’s decades long prac- tice that encapsulates the artist’s uniquely vibrant and gothic-pastel palette with adept technical skill, rooted vast art historical knowledge. The 16 paintings in this exhibition each feature previous paintings from the artist’s “Masterpiece series” ~ Venus ad Adonis, Bacchius, ONE MORE, TWO MORE.. each “Masterpiece” was photographed then repainted in their current spaces, their PATRON’S HOMES.

Dixon shares, “for the Patrons’ Homes series, I continue this tradition by de- picting my original painting not in my studio, but hanging in its new home, that of the patron who acquired the work. This shifts the focus from the romantic to the pragmatic; instead of highlighting art’s creativity, I am highlighting art’s com- merce, positioning my own work as just stuff that was bought to hang in a room.”


Andy Dixon

Exploring themes of decadence, patronage, and the relationship between art and wealth, Andy Dixon draws inspiration from such opulent artifacts as Flemish still-lifes, Versace silk shirts, and auction house objects. By layering historical references with contemporary social commentary, Dixon plays with the tropes of art history and questions the inherent value in luxuries from past and present. An underlying self-deprecation stirs beneath the surface of his candy-colored canvases – a poignant study in the psychology of value.