Camilla Engström with Harper’s Bazaar

Camilla Engström with Harper’s Bazaar

Catch the latest interview of Camilla Engström with Harper’s Bazaar by Celia Torres, where she goes in depth about her works, talents and life as an artist.

“I just want to spread joy and peace through my work” – Camilla Engström

This is what drives Camilla and her work. She was originally from Stockholm, Sweden and has moved to Los Angeles where she became inspired by the “the scenery and sunny weather”. Moreover, LA has helped her to connect with other artists and communities. She becomes interested in yoga and meditation while living in LA. From Camilla’s Instagram account, she has expressed her passions in both painting and dance. There is a link between them since they “are ways of releasing energy”.

You can read the full interview by clicking at the link below:
Camilla Engstrõm: la pintora de la felicidad

Source: Harper’s Bazaar