Something Old, Something New - Jonathan Edelhuber

Jonathan Edelhuber Reveals His Artistic Influences in ‘Something Old, Something New’

Where some artists try and hide their references, Jonathan Edelhuber puts his muses on full display. As his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong and second with Over the Influence gallery, the Nashville-based artist chose to exclusively make a still-life series of paintings titled Something Old, Something New.

The title of the show alludes to the idea of interweaving canonical references with Edelhuber’s own unique style of painting in an attempt to create a new version of an old subject. The artist explained further:

“The still life in subject was timeless, but the curation of books and the object on top as a sculpture and reference to art history (whether it was from the past or a contemporary object) felt fresh. A lot of my still life paintings and sculptures incorporate a contemporary subject that acts almost like a bookmaker in time to signify my place in this timeline. Mixing art historical references with contemporary references, I was able to create something new. I also enjoy the connection to the artists I hold in high regard. This keeps things interesting for me as an artist and gives my work great meaning personally. It also keeps the curation within my work an exciting challenge”.

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