Mark Whalen Featured in artdaily

Mark Whalen Featured in artdaily

Exhibition features the graphic sculptures that Mark Whalen is widely recognized for.

Over the Influence, Bangkok is presenting, Close My Eyes, a solo exhibition of new paintings, sculptures, and wall works by LA-based artist Mark Whalen.

This is the artist’s third showing with the gallery and his first in Southeast Asia. Close My Eyes, features the graphic sculptures that Whalen is widely recognized for — human-like heads and hands that are often paired with everyday objects to explore the uncanny relationships between object and person. Whalen has always found the figure interesting and utilizes it to push his practice conceptually and aesthetically. For this exhibition, Whalen expands his practice to include painting, and wall works — though diverse in media, the artworks remain cohesive as all incorporate a sculptural element, retain the figure, and are deliberately ambiguous.

Whalen’s maquettes are born in the digital realm — without gender, physical body, or any other attributes aside from their neutrality and fluidity. The artist intentionally creates these figures to be avatars for a wide spectrum of human experiences. Through the addition of a single feature or gesture, the figures become animated to instill laughter, surprise, cynicism, or indolence as well as fears like loneliness, isolation, and helplessness. Whalen shares, “My style of sculptural storytelling could be described as the stacking of disturbances, conundrums, and entertaining questions about life.”

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