Close My Eyes - Mark Whalen

Mark Whalen Presents ‘Close My Eyes’ at Over the Influence Bangkok

This past weekend, Mark Whalen unveiled a new solo exhibition titled Close My Eyes at Over the Influence Bangkok. As his third showing with the gallery, including his first in Southeast Asia, the Australian artist continues his exploration into the uncanny relationship between object and person.

Made from polyurethane and chrome on cast aluminum, Whalen creates universal avatars that are meant to reflect the wide range of human experiences. “Through unspoken words I like to create very ambiguous settings where the figures explore a suggestion of amusing enigmas,” said the artist in a statement. “The concept of being behind a window alone was interesting to me as it was a nice setting to play with the message in the painting. From finding beauty in grotesque objects such as a pickle, or having a tongue tied with a bow suggesting silence. I like to explore the quickness in highly expressive gestures that we come across daily.”

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