Michael Kagan is part of NASA's 50 Year Retrospective

Michael Kagan is part of NASA’s 50 Year Retrospective

Congrats to Michael Kagan for his participation in “Apollo Art: 50 Year Retrospective” at the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Apollo Art: 50 Year Retrospective, on display May 11 – Nov. 3, features pieces by artists Andy Warhol, Robert McCall, Lamar Dodd, Franklin McMahon, Paul Calle, Paul Sample, Pat Rawlings, Nicole Stott, Josh Simpson, and Michael Kagan.

The exhibit includes drawings, glass works, and paintings from the collections of NASA and contributions from other current artists. These more than 30 works—ranging from the illustrative to the abstract—present a different view of the Apollo program that photos and films can’t capture.

“Apollo Art: 50 Year Retrospective”
Exhibition: May 11 – November 3, 2019

Space Center Houston
1601 NASA Pkwy
Houston, Texas 77058