Blessings From The Forest - Verapat Sitipol

Naturalism in Art by Weerapat Sitthiphol

Solo exhibition launches new gallery Over The Influence Bangkok.
At the first glance, seeing the work of Weerapat Sitthiphol, which was displayed as a solo exhibition titled Blessings from the Forest at the new gallery, Over The Influence Bangkok (OTI BKK), we could hardly take our eyes off it. His colorful abstract paintings were strangely powerful.

This exhibition Artists are inspired by natural landscapes in various national parks from all over Thailand, where he always goes on vacation. In addition to the image of flowers waterfalls and mountains, his works also convey a dynamic and ever-changing nature. If Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden is known as a naturalist, it is a tribute to nature through letters. Veerapat’s work is probably the psalm of nature through painting. Weeraphat always starts with a black canvas. then gradually colors down.

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