The Juice Is Loose

Over The Influence presents an exhibition of new works by LA native Jonni Cheatwood

Over The Influence is presenting The Juice Is Loose, an exhibition of new works by LA native Jonni Cheatwood. In his second solo exhibition with the gallery, Cheatwood continues to explore figuration, using it as a tool to invite viewers into an intimate dialogue that examines both the artist and viewer’s inner world, bonding us through universal lived experiences.

In this series, Cheatwood takes his practice to a much more personal and vulnerable level. Working off family photographs and personal stories, much of the scenes and imagery resemble experiences from the artist’s life and family history, imbuing the work with a sense of authenticity and reliability. The title of the exhibition itself is a play on words that references the pop culture that Cheatwood grew up within, adding an extra degree of nostalgia to these visual vignettes of the artist’s life.

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