Toy Show - Taylor Lee & Peter Chan

Peter Chan and Taylor Lee Present “Toy Show” at Over the Influence

Over the Influence Hong Kong lifted the veil on a new joint exhibition by husband-wife duo, Peter Chan and Taylor Lee. Inspired by the toys and comics of Peter’s childhood, “Toy Show” presents two separate bodies of work that harmoniously speak in conversation with one another.

Based in Los Angeles, Taylor Lee is a ceramicist who has a penchant for creating glazed sculptures that depict various abstracted female forms, but has recently diverted her attention to popular Japanese icons, such as Godzilla and Gundam. For the latest exhibition, Lee chose to experiment with a new glazing technique known as Raku, where she would remove the ceramic objects from the kiln while still glowing red and place them in a flammable material, such as newspaper. As the object catches fire, the Raku process produces a wide range of lustrous, dramatic colors and textures, which can be seen throughout her art in the exhibition.

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