Shepard Fairey’s Mural Part of NaLata Festival

American artist Shepard Fairey was invited to participate at the NaLata International Festival of Urban Art in São Paulo, Brazil. The event is curated by Luan Cardoso and invites urban artists to encourage a “dialogue” using murals and embrace the city as an open-air museum. Fairey’s mural Carga Frágil represents environmental justice with flower motifs and a girl wearing a cap that pays homage to English punk rock band The Clash. The floral elements also highlight the fact that the largest part of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil. It takes up two walls of an office building located at Teodoro Sampaio Street, is 8-stories tall and took 5 days to complete. It was the artist’s first time in São Paulo, Brazil.

To learn more about NaLata Festival and see Shepard Fairey’s mural click here!