Toy Show Taylor Lee and Peter Chan

Toy Show


Taylor Lee, Peter Chan


A husband-wife duo show inspired by the toys and comics of Chan’s childhood. Toy Show allows viewers to escape into a childhood fantasy world, with the humour and satire that adulthood necessitates. While Taylor Lee explores a new direction for her creative process and content – using a rare glazing technique for her ceramic artworks called Raku where the firing process of each piece is unique, Peter Chan’s practice employs colour, form, and light to explore nostalgia, turning mundane experiences into moments worth preserving.


The individual bodies of work speak to each other in playful conversations. Lee’s Raku technique produces dramatic colours and textures, bestowing friendly personas on the ‘monsters’. Similar to his wife, Peter re-contextualises the seemingly frightful figures within charming and clever scenes, placing them in the world of the modern viewer.

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