March 25, 2023 / May 6, 2023


Group Show

G/F – 2/F, 52 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

Featured Art

Over the Influence is excited to present a curated group exhibition of established and emerging artists that announces the new location of the Hong Kong gallery. Boundless will unveil a brand new space in Hong Kong at 52 Wyndham Street, Central.

The eleven artists selected are inspired by their ambition and imagination to create works of art that are limitless in their creative expression. Hyangmok Baik, Vhils, Invader and Mark Whalen lead the discussion while emerging artists like Caris Reid, Ron Chen and Daphne Arthur follow in their pursuit to present their world views in a visual discourse that celebrates a multitude of beliefs and values.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Over the Influence is also participating in Art Central, showcasing a selection of artists who continue the gallery’s vision to bring dynamic artworks to the international arena.


Daphne Arthur

B.1984, Caracas, Venezuela. Lives and works in Arvene, NY, USA
Daphne Arthur (centers her practice on the experimentation and transformation of conventional materials and forms. Drawing from her background, the Afro-Venezuelan artist explores the roles history, memory, and mythology play in the transformation or deterioration of the collective imaginary of the Black diaspora.

Hyangmok Baik

B 1990, South Korea
Through the flattened screen with doodle-like figures, rough touches, and unexpected compositions, Hyangmok creates his own world filled with freedom on canvas. There’s no such thing as rules or strict standards in his world that he creates. Hyangmok’s piece provides a room to relax and stay curious for the viewers with his outstanding toned down color palette, and by boldly leaving out the projection of narrative.

Ron Chen

B.1990, Jaffa, Israel. Lives and works in Jaffa, Israel
In his work, Chen examines a fundamental human condition of nomadity, which is both mental and physical. Through the use of two different approaches to the image (Intuitive drawing and Impressionistic painting), he reflects upon the conflicted self, torn between the physical space of the body, and the immaterial space of the image.

Andy Dixon

B.1979, Vancouver, Canada. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Exploring themes of decadence, patronage, and the relationship between art and wealth, Andy Dixon draws inspiration from such opulent artifacts as Flemish still-lifes, Versace silk shirts, and auction house objects. By layering historical references with contemporary social commentary, Dixon plays with the tropes of art history and questions the inherent value in luxuries from past and present. An underlying self-deprecation stirs beneath the surface of his candy-colored canvases – a poignant study in the psychology of value.

Alexandre Farto AKA Vhils

B. 1987, Lisbon, Portugal. Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal and Hong Kong
Alexandre Farto AKA Vhils has developed a unique visual language based on the removal of surface layers of walls and other media with non-conventional tools and techniques, establishing symbolic reflections on identity, interdependence between people and the surrounding environment, life in contemporary urban societies, as well as the impact of development, the passage of time, and material transformation. Vhils works in a plurality of media, from stencil painting to metal etching, pyrotechnic explosions and video to sculptural installations.

B. 1969, Paris, France. Lives and works on Earth
Invader is one of the most enigmatic and radical artists of our time. He has been “invading” cities around the world since 1998 by skilfully placing his mosaic pieces in the most incongruous of places. By drawing attention to the increasing role of technology in our daily lives, Invader encourages the public to reflect on the implications of this digital invasion. Invader’s creative dexterity knows no boundaries, with the artist having sent his work into outer space as well as having anchored it to the bottom of Cancun Bay. Whether he’s embellishing the Hollywood sign, invading the Louvre, designing the most innovative pair of trainers or using the Rubik’s Cube as an artistic medium, Invader has left an undeniable mark both on the world’s landscapes and on contemporary art.

Aaron Johnson

B. 1975, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Aaron Johnson’s paintings straddle the balance between unpredictability and control, abstraction and figuration, painterly blurs and minimalist hard-edges. Using a technique of staining the raw canvas, Johnson investigates the fluidity of shapes, forms and colors and the interconnectedness that manifests in between. Multitudes of creatures or figures emerge from the washes of pigment, staring elusively or at times in a soft embrace as different colors bleed from one figure to the next. Paying homage to color field painting and expressionist figuration, Johnson approaches his work as a deep visual experience underlined by a personal understanding of the unpredictability of his own subconscious. His work explores a wide range of human experiences as he depicts each eccentric form charged with a certain aura of darkness and light.

Taylor Lee

B. 1981, South Korea. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Taylor Lee is a ceramicist living and working in Los Angeles. Lee’s ceramic sculptures are optimistic and impactful. Her combination of bright colors with stoneware create whimsical yet iconic forms, discussing subjects such as womanhood, genealogy, and how the ancient impacts our modern life.

Caris Reid

B. 1983, Washington, DC, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Caris Reid’s work is a symbolic world of blooming flowers, floating lips and penetrating stares. Influenced by her interest in Tarot and Hypnosis, the paintings feel both familiar and mysterious, every detail is coded and ripe with meaning.

Little Thunder

B. 1984, Hong Kong. Lives and works in Hong Kong
Cheng Sum-ling also known as Little Thunder, a self-taught artist born and raised in Hong Kong. Heavily influenced by her father, who is an ink painter, she cultivated her enthusiasm in painting since childhood. At the age of 8, she began drawing manga, and at that time, her sister was the only reader. She fully committed into the world of manga and illustration in 2001, with works were serialised in a variety of magazines and she was awarded the Best New Artist at the China Japan Comics Exchange in the same year.

Mark Whalen

B. 1982, Sydney, Australia. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Mark Whalen mixes everyday themes while merging industrial materials with found objects and studio reserves. Building relationships with iconic human shapes, color, and chromed elements, Whalen expands the narrative into vivid depictions of life’s folly. Sculptural storytelling is revealed as a stacking of disturbances, conundrums and entertaining questions about life and beyond. Mark Whalen’s contemporary work continues to expand architectural boundaries for interior and environmental applications.