July 14, 2023 / August 27, 2023

Impression, Sunset

Ron Chen

81 Tri Mit Road
Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok,Thailand
Wednesday – Sunday, 11AM – 8PM

Over the Influence is proud to announce the Southeast Asian debut exhibition from acclaimed Israeli artist Ron Chen at the Bangkok gallery space.

The paintings are all based on images taken in Thailand. Inspired by the Impressionists’ painterly aesthetic, the title of the exhibition “Impression, Sunset” references Claude Monet’s iconic painting “Impression, Sunrise”, painted in 1874 and that subsequently spearheaded the Impressionist art movement.

This is the artist’s first visit to Thailand, therefore the paintings are based on his idealized version of it, as seen in the media. Light is the recurring theme in the show, it is an inherent component in the artist’s technique that he uses to make the works glowing effect. The paintings are made with a dabbing technique using oil paint and brushes. Starting with a pure white smooth surface of Gesso, the artist piles up light tones of paint and gradually layering darker tones on top of them, thereby creating an inner glow within each painting. The finished works have a dazzling effect that transcends the paintings from their earthly properties- that micro- movement of light dancing within the compositions, constantl


Ron Chen

B. 1990,Jaffa,IsraelLives and Works in Jaffa,Israel

Ron Chen holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy of art in Jerusalem in 2018 (Exchange in Slade school of art in 2016).
In his work, Chen examines a fundamental human condition of nomadity, which is both mental and physical.
Through the use of two different approaches to the image (Intuitive drawing and Impressionistic painting), he reflects upon the conflicted self, torn between the physical space of the body, and the immaterial space of the image.