Inner Voyage Out Lily Kemp and Minyoung Kim at Over the Influence

February 1, 2024 / March 23, 2024

Inner Voyage Out

Lily Kemp and Minyoung Kim

G/F – 2/F, 52 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
Open: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 7 PM

Over the Influence is delighted to present Inner Voyage Out exhibiting the work of Lily Kemp and Minyoung Kim.

Lily Kemp's paintings explore the concept of movement, with a focus on changing landscapes, weather, and various forms of motion such as clouds, water, and fabric. Each painting utilizes a specific color palette, creating a visual cohesion and allowing for different stories and relationships to emerge within the collection as a whole.

On the other hand, Minyoung Kim's artworks primarily revolve around storytelling within intimate and interior spaces, such as palms, pockets, kitchens, dining tables, and the sea depths, evoking a sense of an unspecified home. The artist draws inspiration from dreams that involve exploring ambiguous internal spaces and past residences. By imagining intriguing scenarios within these domestic settings, Kim aims to evoke both familiarity and an eerie feeling through unexpected developments. The goal is to create a small world in each artwork, stirring emotions by blending personal experiences, and unlocking memories that may have been dormant in the past.

Together, these two artists invite the audience to experience a captivating duality where themes of movement, landscapes, and the familiarity of interior spaces merge to evoke emotions and memories.


Lily Kemp

Lily Kemp has an underlying interest in exploring narratives touching on the fluidity of gender and identities; Lily Kemp’s paintings explore ideas around change and states of transition, femininity and more recently, intimacy, memory and sense of belonging.

Minyoung Kim

Minyoung Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. She was awarded an MFA in printmaking and a BA in Western Painting from Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, going on to graduate from The Slade School of Fine Art in 2021. Kim now lives and works in London, where she creates surrealist and darkly humorous artworks with unfolding narratives and unique stories.