March 24, 2022 / May 1, 2022

New World

Adlane Samet

81 Tri Mit Road
Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok,Thailand
Wednesday – Sunday, 11AM – 8PM

Over the Influence is excited to present Algerian artist Adlane Samet’s Asia debut exhibition titled New World at the Bangkok gallery space.

Adlane Samet’s painterly style alludes to the Expressionism and Art Brut art movements. Dancing the fine line between aggression and sensitivity, his brushstrokes reflect the turbulent emotions that belie the bright colors and arresting compositions. He inherited his specific aesthetic and spontaneous style from the drawings of children— notably their confidence to make up a new visual code that abandons the structure of academic realism, thereby doing away with the weightiness that adulthood forces upon individuals.


Adlane Samet

Adlane Samet, born in Algeria in 1989, is an expressionist painter based in France. Samet completed his education in Algers, the capital of Algeria, where he also studied at the School of Fine Arts. Samet defines himself as a painter of instinctive moments. His work shows affinities with the movement of free Expressionism and Art Brut movements. Structured by an incisive, sometimes sensitive but at other times aggressive stroke, Adlane paints in acrylics but makes room for the purity of the medium with its transparency and bright color variations.