February 17, 2022/ April 3, 2022


Chanel Khoury

833 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles CA 90013
Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 6

Featured Art

Over The Influence is proud to present artist Chanel Khoury’s debut exhibition Supera.

This exhibition will be featured in the Los Angeles location’s Project Space, where the gallery focuses on highlighting emerging and local artists from within the LA community. Chanel Khoury’s practice explores familiar, yet new territories that discuss notions of physiological adaptation and spirituality through the juxtaposition of machine and animal.
Khoury creates portals that access spaces and forms which contain paradoxes on multiple levels. Her environments are desolate, yet welcoming. The forms are hybrids of natural biomorphic organisms and ultra synthetic materials. The landscapes are both primitive and hyper-digital creating a familiar yet estranged virtual reality. The spaces and their inhabitants fluctuate between the binary of the artificial and biotic – existing almost as a glitch within the stillness of the divine and the chaos of the machine.


Chanel Khoury

Khoury is interested in two philosophical theories: Objectification Of The Will and Panpsychism. The theories intersect in her paintings – they exist as autonomous beings that both search for and embody a holy divinity, to be free, and conjoin one’s body to the Earth, while simultaneously obeying the rigidity of a synthetic structure. She creates forms that offer a physical manifestation of the essence within the entities that populate our world.