Undercurrents - Camilla Engstrom

Camilla Engström’s ‘Undercurrents’ opens today at Over The Influence – Bangkok Post

Camilla Engström, a Swedish-born and Los Angeles-based self-taught artist and Instagram dancing queen, paints the seasons. In the summer, her work is exuberant and cheerful, demonstrative of a spirit embracing the exterior world, overflowing with abundance and energy. In the winter, Engström goes inward. She hibernates. But for Thailand, she is flowing, so to speak.

Engström launches her first exhibition in Thailand, “Undercurrents“, today, which showcases 16 paintings at Over The Influence Bangkok. “Undercurrents” explores the transformation that occurs beneath the surface of the Earth and the human body, during times of perceived stillness and rest. A theme that mirrors the artist’s practice, who during her blue (and emerald green) period, generated 16 paintings capable of capturing the human condition in chromatic luminosity.

“Bangkok is such a vibrant city and I have never shown here before, so it seemed like a wonderful opportunity,” says Engström, who created new paintings for “Undercurrents“. Despite having exhibited her works at Over The Influence’s locations throughout the world, “the works in ‘Undercurrents‘ have been painted expressly for this exhibition”.

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