Verapat Sittipol in Fah Thai Magazine

Verapat Sittipol Featured in Fah Thai Magazine

Thai artist Verapat Sitipol loses himself in the wonder of Kanchanaburi to reveal our ancient connection with Mother Nature.

The Art of Exploration

Art and nature have always been inseparably connected. Nature is the revered Mother of creation that brings forth inspiration and beauty. FAH THAI interviewed Verapat Sitipol, an artist who passionately combines his skills as a painter with the beauty of nature to create vivid reinterpretations of his surroundings. We also found a variety of cultural venues for people of all ages to explore.

Verapat Sitipol discovered the secret of art early in life, as a student at Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Decorative Arts, Applied Arts. He came to the realisation that learning about old masters was only the first step; to become a true artist he had to spread his creative wings and find his own unique self-expression. When given the opportunity to exercise his inner creative passion, the Thai artist turned not to words or personal emotions. Instead, he wanted to share the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world as seen through a different looking glass. That desire grew into a passion when Verapat decided to bid adieu to Bangkok and call Kanchanaburi his home 20 years ago. He has nurtured his creative flame here for the past two decades, lighting up galleries in Thailand and beyond with his visions of the western province. In February and March, he displayed his latest works in a solo exhibition, Magical Forest, at Over the Influence art gallery in Paris.

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